Mother’s Day Garden Gifts for Moms With a Green Thumb

Flowers are a traditional Mother’s Day gift, but if your mom has a green thumb of her own, any of these Mother’s Day garden gifts will not only delight her (after all, they came from you!) but also help make her garden grow!

Subscription to her favorite gardening magazine.

For year-round inspiration, Mom will look forward to the beautiful photography and helpful suggestions. Such magazines include Better Homes and Gardens, Fine Gardening, Birds and Blooms, Flower, Garden Design, and Gardens Illustrated.

Membership to gardening organization.

A membership to a gardening organization such as National Garden Clubs, Direct Gardening Association, American Community Gardening Association, or The Garden Conservancy is a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Tese offes information on statewide meetings and events, expert blogs, and online forums where Mom can meet fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Indoor gardens.

If outdoor space is tight (or nonexistent!), Mom can still indulge her love of gardening with an indoor herb garden, flowering bulbs such as hyacinth, narcissus, or crocus, bonsai plants, or a terrarium.

Gardening tools.

Arthritis can make gardening more difficult as we age, but there are a number of gardening supplies that can help Mom continue to enjoy her favorite hobby. Look for long-reach and easy-grip tools such as weeders and trowels, tractor scooters, and standing raised beds.

Gardening attire.

From goatskin gloves that prevent blisters and scratches, to breezy tunics that keep Mom cool on the hottest days, gardening hats that protect from the sun’s rays, and waterproof clogs, Mom can be both stylish and well-protected.

Gardeners soaps and lotions.

Gardening can take a toll on hands. When it’s time to wash up, an assortment of hand soaps and lotions with soothing ingredients like shea butter and honey are both beautiful and functional.

Art for the garden.

From wind chimes to garden sculptures to garden antiques, Mom will appreciate adding a creative touch to her own work of art.

Gardening books.

When the weather’s bad, Mom can still get her garden fix with such books as Citizen Farmers a guide on everything from how to build a perfect compost pile to how to start a community garden; renowned gardener Bunny Williams’ On Garden Style; and the mother-daughter memoir (perfect for Mother’s Day!)  Orchard House: How a Neglected Garden Taught One Family to Grow

Bird houses.

Bird houses as a Mother’s Day gift not only provide a resting place for our feathered visitors, but can add a punch of color, whimsy, and design to Mom’s garden.

Garden Cart.

For moms with limited garden space and/or mobility issues, a movable garden cart might be perfect. A cart with stacked layers will help her grow plants, flowers, and vegetables wherever she and the sun go!

Gardening Apps.

Some apps are free, some have a small cost, but if your mom has a tablet or smartphone, all can help Mom with her gardening questions. Suggestions? Garden Squared, to help Mom lay out her garden by entering the dimensions of her plot; electronic field guides such as Leafsnap, which can identify plants in a snap; and reference guides such as Mother Earth News, and The New Sunset Western Garden Book.
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