Five Health and Fitness Gifts for Your Grandfather

Christmas is nearly upon us and holiday shopping is finally getting underway. In our tech-savvy society, it’s no wonder that the most beneficial products to aid seniors and caregivers are groundbreaking technologies that vow to make everyday life simpler and make health and fitness monitoring a breeze. This Christmas, gift your Grandfather more than a tie. He’s sure to appreciate one of these amazing new health and fitness gifts.

Here is our list of the top five health and fitness gifts and gadgets for Christmas:


Why He’ll Love It: Soaking up the sun is a great feeling, but it’s also an important source of Vitamin D— a vitamin most seniors are low on. Soltrackr ($59) is a wireless health and environmental monitor designed to measure how much sun your Grandfather is getting and needs, and also prevents him from getting too much. This little tracker tag fits on a key ring and helps your Grandfather determine how long to stay in the sun, which SPF level sunscreen to apply, and how much vitamin D he absorbs. The “wireless health companion,” available on Android and iOS devices, also provides biofeedback for measuring your Grandfather’s stress level, heart rate, and blood oxygen level. Additionally, it can help locate missing keys.

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Gyenno Cup

Why He’ll Love It: Meet the first digital smart cup. The Gyenno Cup ($99) is a washable cup that helps to ensure your Grandfather drinks enough water every day by vibrating to alert him to drink. The cup also displays important information like time, date, weather, current water temperature, and how much more he needs to drink to meet his water goal. The cup also will let him know if it needs cleaning or if the liquid is too hot to drink.

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The GreatCall Lively Wearable

Why He’ll Love It: This stylish and comfortable wearable is the latest fitness tracker with an urgent response button built right in. The Lively Wearable is a waterproof, GPS-enabled, fall detecting when worn around the neck, mobile urgent response device that connects via his smartphone directly to a highly-trained 5Star Agent for assistance. It also doubles as a daily fitness tracker with physical and mental activities via the Lively app on your grandfathers’ smartphone. Plus, it easily syncs via Bluetooth (available for Android 4.4/iPhone 8.0 or newer) and has a long, 6-month battery life. At just $14.99 a month for service, it’s a steal compared to other urgent response devices, and is one of the best health and fitness gifts out there.

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Withings Thermo

Why He’ll Love It: On the frontline of senior care products are wireless gadgets designed to keep your Grandfather healthy all year long. The Withings Thermo ($80) has 16 infrared sensors to read your Grandfathers temperature in two seconds utilizing the revolutionary advanced HotSpot Sensor™ Technology. Readings appear illuminated on the device with a color-coded LED indicator that signals if the temperature is normal, elevated, or high. Readings can also be transmitted via Wi-Fi to the smartphone app to help monitoring and give advanced health advice based on age, fever history, and symptoms. Thermo supports up to 8 users.

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Emfit QS Sleep Monitor

Why He’ll Love It: Sleep, along with proper diet and exercise, is one of the three pillars of health says Harvard University. The Emfit QS ($299) is a non-invasive sleep tracker that goes under your Grandfather’s mattress and transmits data wirelessly to the app via Wi-Fi (available for Android and iOS). Using a highly sensitive motion, the Emfit can detect the beat of his breathing rate, and his heart rate— measuring his beats per minute and time between beats. The Emfit can also detect how much light, deep, and REM sleep he gets each night, as well as his movement activity.

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