Boost Your New Year’s Resolution Success with Technology

Boost Your New Year's Resolution Success with Technology

If you’re one of the estimated nearly half of Americans who make a New Year’s resolution, you might find technology is an excellent partner to keep you on track.

Whether you use a phone, tablet, or desktop the most, you’ll discover a world of support, inspiration, and motivation to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions and adopt new habits that stick.

And because New Year’s resolutions run the gamut from losing weight to becoming a more spiritual person, there are ways to find what works for you. Just like anything else, not every method works for every person.

Take a few minutes to think about what normally motivates you to get things done. You might be an extrovert who wants to shout your accomplishments to everyone, so you can take to Twitter to spread the good news. But if you are an introvert who thrives instead on quietly achieving your own personal best, you might be better off using an online journal to track your progress.

Making healthier choices is a common New Year’s resolution and there are many options to keep you going. Just a few possibilities include smartphone apps like MapMyWalk, an easy app to help you find a running or walking trail wherever you are, or Wellness Tip of the Day, which lets you save your favorite health and wellness tips and tricks. You can also jot down notes to track what you eat. My Diet Coach (Apple or Android) will help you record your food intake and some versions will even send you reminders to motivate you and help keep your goals in mind. Not a fan of apps? Check out the restaurant calorie lists on Nutritionix to find out how many calories that sesame bagel will add to your day.

If you thrive on camaraderie, create or join a Facebook group of others who are trying to reach the same goal. Groups like these are great when you need encouragement at 6 am to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill or when you’re frustrated because your progress is slower than you expected. And groups are excellent for much more than exercise and weight loss goals. Group members can share their experiences and help you reduce stress from caring for a family member, or they might even spark creativity on your latest novel-writing prompt. Others who might be trying to work gratitude into their lives can sign up for daily inspirational quotes on Twitter (like @Inspire_Us) or glimpses of the far corners of the world through National Geographic on Instagram.

What if you just want to learn more about the ancient Egyptians or you want to find out about other religions? Technology gives you access to information no matter where you are or what time of day it is. You can listen to motivational, inspirational, or informational podcasts (from the general Stuff You Should Know to the specific Train Your Brain) or lectures (TED Talks cover many subjects).

If your New Year’s resolution has you aiming to read more books in general, be flexible and download e-books (from online markets like Amazon or Barnes and Noble or for free from your local library) so you can listen anywhere you are. You might find the experience of hearing a book read by someone else to be comforting and enjoyable.

Once you find what works for you, you’re much more likely to be successful in keeping a resolutions. Technology offers so much assistance when you are trying to make a change. You can build a plan that takes your personality, your goals, and your level of commitment into account.

Looking for additional resources to boost your resolution? Check out GreatCall’s line of products that make the perfect tech companion for any senior with a New Year’s resolution to be more social, independent, and active.

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