Standing Up to Falls: Tips For Preventing Senior Falls at Home

If you worry about a parent taking a fall at home, you’re not alone. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year nearly 2.5 million seniors are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries. In fact, when it comes to senior falls, one in three of those 65 and older will experience a fall in the next 12 months, and many will end up hospitalized as a result. Chances are your mom will never fall and all will be fine. But what if she slips? If she fractures a hip or hits her head, what happens then?

Why Seniors Fall

An older adult might take an unexpected fall for all kinds of reasons, and while some may be obvious and easily addressed, others are not. Among the former: Common home hazards that might cause tripping, or inadequate footwear on slippery floors. Uneven steps, bunched-up rugs, and everyday clutter left lying in pathways can trip up even the nimblest among us. Factor in problems with vision or balance, or lower-body weakness or medications that cause dizziness, and it’s easy to see how a senior in particular might be vulnerable to accidents inside the home.

Senior Falls Prevention

That independent living comes with certain risks is something most of us have learned to accept. Still, “active aging” doesn’t have to be a gamble, especially when it comes to the prevention of senior falls.

So how can you help your parent avoid taking a tumble within their own home? First, focus on the basics. Ensure that any obstacles that might trip them up are removed or relocated to minimize the dangers. Install handrails on stairways and grab bars in the shower. Use non-skid area rugs or add a non-skid pad. Items like dishes should be stored within easy reach. And don’t neglect the need for good lighting: Put night lights anywhere they might be needed after dark.

The other big key to senior falls prevention: ongoing consultation with healthcare providers. Tell mom or dad’s doctor about your concerns, and have them evaluate their risk for falling. Also see what they say about exercise. Studies have shown that even moderate workouts on a regular basis can greatly improve senior safety.

Senior Fall Detection

Of course, even the best fall-prevention strategies can’t guarantee accidents won’t happen. For this reason, the National Institute on Aging recommends seniors rely on medical-alarm systems that can quickly connect them to help in an emergency. We agree, and that’s why we designed the Lively Mobile, a waterproof, mobile personal emergency response device that automatically connects you to an emergency line with a medical alert agent on the other end.

So if you’re concerned about the potential for senior falls, take two steps: talk to your parent’s doctor and focus on prevention. But also take a moment to line up that emergency medical connection. When you do, you’ll finally find real peace of mind.

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4 thoughts on “Standing Up to Falls: Tips For Preventing Senior Falls at Home

  1. Nancy
    August 19, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Your Dr. Might also check if you are drinking enough water? And Blood pressure. If headaches ask for a chiropractor, or MRI.

  2. Joan
    September 16, 2016 at 11:48 pm

    Very intering as i am having issues on livin alone and taking a fall in the middlem of the night. The family is very busy and I feel left out and on my own. Drs. are expansive even if they will take you on but the insurance goes u and kup. So what todo and how to do it. I am so bored with my life .N and nobody cares what happens to me. Move Up , Exercise, etc. etc. A Its all Bull========/?

    I am wondering why I am still here. Still fighting to keep going and came across this article in the computer. I did make an appointment with my Dr. to be and planning on getting in Nov. to him. I need some big advice as I am falling apart.

    No matter what ever happens I am not going to a hospital and or a nursing home. Scared to death of doing that again. Three years took it all out of me. The fight and will to live is not there anymore. Now fighing depression on top of all the above.

    I need more than water thats for sure. Thinking about a puppy to play with and cuddle. However, one fall would do it and not be able to do anything. Too many surgeries on the leg.

  3. Carol
    September 26, 2017 at 5:08 pm

    I highly recommend their service. Last spring I fell and hurt my foot. I was unable to put weight on it. I was lucky and my daughter happened to come by to take me to the doctor. I had broken my toes and damaged Archilles Tendon. A few weeks later another fall and hurt my wrist. I did NOT have any type of service. My family decided to investigate alert systems.

    After reviewing and talking to many of the companies we chose GreatCall. Their Lively device is the most economical system with fall detection. What my family desired. It comes with features none of the companies even offered, all for an affordable price tag. I love mine and wear it on a consistent basis. Highly recommend their device and service.

  4. Sandy burke
    September 28, 2018 at 7:42 am

    No nursing Home for my husband either until I can no longer take care of him he was in and out for 2 years I stayed 24/7 to take care of him if I hadn’t he would have be alone they r very understaffed at 5 am everyone has to owe if but on end of floor u got if luck you can’t pee when u need your food is always cold and your 8 am meds don’t reach u till 9am

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